Karlijn Rijkee, Previous Management Trainee

What did you learn during the Fagron Global Management Program?
"The FGMP program has not only been helpful in providing a lot of insight into the company, but has been a key contributor in my development as a professional. Since the company has a global presence, the rotations in different geographies are very helpful in getting acquainted with different operations of the company and at the same time having exposure and familiarity of working with different cultures."

How did the program support you in developing as a professional besides training on the job?
"Key components of the program are training sessions which are very diverse in nature and focus on all-round development. The training ranges from strategy, marketing, finance to soft skill development. The skill set acquired from the program has been very helpful in my professional growth."

What is your current role and what are your responsibilities within Fagron today?
"After the program I started as Compounding Knowledge Manager for Fagron Inc. in the United States. The position requires me to be the interface between market needs and innovation. I work on various product ideas and concepts and interact with colleagues all over the globe."

What career opportunities does a starting Pharmacist have within Fagron?
"There are many career opportunities within Fagron for pharmacists. FGMP is tailor-made for pharmacists. The program does a wonderful job in providing the right skill set and exposure needed for people with no prior work experience. The FGMP program allows one to get a broad perspective of the job opportunities within Fagron while being trained in the business side of the company. Other career opportunities for pharmacists are found within quality, product innovation, marketing, compounding pharmacies and so on."

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