Pigmerise™ is a natural extract obtained from the black pepper fruit (Piper nigrum L.). It is a natural phytocomplex with alkaloids and volatile oils in an oleoresin.

Pigmerise™ contains a high concentration of piperine, one of the major alkaloids of Piper nigrum L.

Piperine stimulates melanocytes replication and induces the formation of melanocyte dendrites resulting in skin repigmentation.

Optimizing and innovating compounding

As high piperine concentrations are required for effective treatment, prior solubilization of piperine in alcohol is usually needed. The use of alcohol in topical preparations can cause skin irritation and reduced patient compliance.

Pigmerise™ is a water-soluble liquid that can be easily compounded in Fitalite™. There is no need for the use of alcohol in the compounding process, therefore reducing the risk of skin irritation. Moreover, the phytosomes in Fitalite™ promote the delivery of APIs and DCIs to the cells located in the deep epidermis.

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