Oseltamivir phosphate in SyrSpend® SF PH4

Mon, 03/21/2016
Oseltamivir phosphate in SyrSpend® SF PH4

Influenza is a major health problem that can result in hospitalization or even death among high-risk groups such as babies and small children, elderly or immunocompromised persons. According to the World Health Organization (WHO): “Influenza occurs globally with an annual attack rate estimated at 5%-10% in adults and 20%-30% in children”.1

The recent outbreaks of influenza have created a higher demand for oseltamivir, particularly in the oral liquid dose form.2 SyrSpend® SF is an oral liquid suspending vehicle that does not contain alcohol, sorbitol and in case of the dry version no preservatives. This makes SyrSpend® SF especially suitable for children and other vulnerable patient groups,  patients with dysphagia or those in need of a tailored dose.

Oseltamivir phosphate compounded in SyrSpend® SF PH4 has a proven beyond use date of at least 30 days.3 The compounding instructions for oseltamivir phosphate in SyrSpend® SF PH4 can be found in our free online formulations database Compounding Matters.

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