New CapsiCards® System released

Fri, 03/28/2014

Performing quality, enhancing efficiency

Fagron is pleased to announce the release of the new CapsiCards® System. The CapsiCards® System is the unique combination of the CapsiCards® Machine and the CapsiCards®. This concept is designed in close collaboration with compounding pharmacists, the CapsiCards® System provides you the total solution for easy and efficient capsule filling.

CapsiCards® are an easy, efficient and time saving method that eliminates the need for hand loading and loading devices. CapsiCards® are a unique way of loading capsules into a capsule machine, which is fast and easy. It eliminates the need for expensive loaders.

The CapsiCards® Machine is the premium quality hand-held capsule filling device. The patented design features and accessories ensure high performance and ease of use. The CapsiCards® Machine is extremely flexible. You can order Filler Change Parts for the capsule size you need. You do not have to buy a full machine for each capsule size.

For more information about this unique system, please contact the Fagron office in your country.