Fagron launches successful Derma Concept

Mon, 03/02/2009

Fagron’s aim is to offer the most innovative and service-oriented services. Based on this mission, Fagron has developed a new ‘dermatological tool’ for its product range of neutral creams and ointments: the Fagron Derma Concept. This specific and complete concept offers a unique total solution for tailor-made skin advice.

Within the Fagron Derma Concept, practical tools have been developed for the prescriber and pharmacist. The Fagron Derma Advice is a selection-aid form, enabling a proper product selection to be made for each specific patient. The Fagron Derma Consult is a professional, pocket-size reference work with all of Fagron’s creams and ointments, their specific properties, suitability and applicability. In addition to the basic material, Fagron has recently also developed FTO materials and refresher workshops, providing refresher courses for prescribers and pharmacists about the possibilities of neutral therapy, also related to topics such as eczema, psoriasis and corticosteroids.

Finally, Fagron has also developed a shelf plan for pharmacists, with the basic premise that the public area of a pharmacy offers excellent opportunities for discussing the benefits of neutral therapy with a client. A flexible set-up has explicitly been opted for, with the client taking part in determining the details, available space and product selection.

The materials are applied for in large quantities and enthusiastically and 90% state that they actively use them in actual practice.